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Borderlands - The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned - 360 - Review


Posted by: jkdmedia

Review Rating 8.2 Great
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If Borderlands already didn’t have enough missions are land to cover there’s The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned to keep gamers busy on a side story that is an interesting change of pace in a game that is already filled with offbeat characters and situations that add up to a really good time. With a price tag of $10 on the Xbox Live Marketplace, this download offers more than enough zombie-killing action and missions for fans to want to return to Planet Pandora.


After downloading the add-on, you’ll receive a message telling you that a new locale is available at anytime and just about the only way to get there is to find a Fast Travel Station. You are then automatically whisked away to Jakob’s Cove, a small patch of corporate owned property for the employees of the Jakobs Corporation. Instead of finding a pretty little town you find yourself standing before a dark swamp that looks like a nightmarish landscape decorated with jack-o-lanterns as if the town was celebrating Halloween before the place went to hell.

You see, Jakob’s Cove, it seems, was also a science experiment gone awry. What was left of its inhabitants has become an army of walking dead. It seems that the corporation has struck a deal with a leading scientist and mad doctor to head the experiments and it is none other than Dr. Ned … who is not Dr. Zed despite the striking similarities and the obvious fake moustache. So you find yourself going on missions to rid Jakob’s Cove of its zombies and other nightmarish creatures to right the wrongs caused by the experiment.

The zombies, however, are many and before you know it you will often find yourself overwhelmed by the number of walking dead. A bit like the Left 4 Dead games, there are different kinds of zombies such as the one that spits out green goop that distorts your vision and even slows you down. Thankfully, the game introduces new weapons right away such as the powerful pistol with a scope so you can blow their heads clean off. You see, the only real way to kill a zombie is to shoot them in the head.


The main missions will take you through various locales in Jakob’s Cove such as the docks, Jakob’s Lumber Mill, the transport station, Hallows End and Ned’s Bleeding Heart Infirmary just to name of few areas you’ll be visiting. While the map is huge, no vehicles are necessary or really offered to get around so you’ll be able to find all the spots easily to carry out the various missions in the game.

Speaking of missions, the main story missions are actually quite lengthy and fun to tackle. There’s also a message board that the Claptrap robot will happily point out offers side missions such as the mission that has you looking for a woman’s lost husband or find some Corpse Eater eggs somewhere in the swamp. You’ll also be taking on a few bosses, many of which are actually quite interesting such as the mythical monster known as Pumpkinhead and a Frankenstein’s Monster-like freak.

The bad news is that The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned doesn’t offer dozens of new weapons nor does it add new skills and abilities you can use later in the game like, say, Fallout 3’s add-on missions. What it does do, however, it does well and that is tell an interesting story and add plenty of gory action that keeps that game so exciting. Like the core game, Zombie Island isn’t afraid to be outrageous and because of this it leads to some comical moments in the story. It’s actually a pleasantly lengthy game too.

What is also a major plus is that the island doesn’t look like Pandora so the swamp setting and abandoned buildings are a nice addition. Sure, the zombies don’t look frightful but it’s a nice change from killing bandits and desert psychos.


The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned might not add loads of new elements to the main game but it’s a deliciously over-the-top good time that Borderlands fans should definitely download. Wildly hilarious and loaded with plenty of interesting boss battles that adds to the delightfully absurd feel of the main game, you will love the new zombie-filled territory and missions.

Review Scoring Details for Borderlands - The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Gameplay: 8.2
Jakob’s Cove is an interesting Halloween-themed landscape overrun by zombies and, of course, the zany Dr. Ned who will send you on a number of missions in various areas. There are a few new weapons to use but the main attraction here are the zombies and the fun boss battles.

Graphics: 8.5
The dark swampy locale and the interesting scatter of jack-o-lanterns makes Jacob’s Cove a rather visually intriguing place to visit and the zombies look appropriately freaky. You’ll just love the visually striking bosses in the game.

Sound: 8.5
The game does the atmosphere right with the croaking of unseen frogs in the swamp and the occasional intercom chatter in the background. While it’s not as creepy as other games, the zombie sounds will creep you out. Thankfully, the dialogue is absolutely hilarious.

Difficulty: Medium
These zombies aren’t always easy to bring down and the more than gang up on you the more likely you’re going to be starting a mission from the beginning. Some boss battles will actually not fail to challenge you.

Concept: 8.5
There is a generous amount of main quest and side missions to take on as well as an assortment of zombies to fight. The new scoped revolver is a handy gun that you’ll be glad to take back with you if you haven’t finished the Vault main mission.

Multiplayer: 9.0
Borderlands is so much more fun with up to four players and Jakob’s Cove isn’t any different. Besides, you will want to take on these zombies with some solid backup rather than go at it solo.

Overall: 8.2
A thoroughly enjoyable and action-filled story, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned should be on the top of your Must Download list for those who want to extend their Borderlands experience. It’s offbeat and comical but you will have a great time so if you own the game you should certainly download this mission.

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