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Cars Race-O-Rama - WII - Review


Posted by: jkdmedia

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When the Disney movie Cars came out, kids everywhere went crazy over the spirited race car, Lightning McQueen. From then on, Disney has made toys, apparel and even video-games based on the movie. Now, the recently released Cars Race-O'-Rama is on store shelves and kids will definitely be taking a look at it.

Cars Race-O'-Rama centers on Lightning McQueen and his rivalry with Chick Hicks. The small plot involves Chick Hicks' racing school and his students. They want to beat McQueen at any cost, including cheating, and McQueen races them to prove he's still the best and races clean.

While progressing through story mode with Lightning, you will encounter Chick Hicks' students as well as your Radiator Springs buddies in a number of different tracks and mini-games. Once you complete the races in one area, Mack the semi-truck will escort you to another city with even more races. Many of them are completed with Lightning, but depending on where you are, you can race with other characters from the film.

It also offers an arcade mode where you can play races you've unlocked through story mode. There are circuit races, mini-games, relay races, Guido kart races, rust bucket derbies and monster truck races available on single and multiplayer in the arcade mode. Players will have a lot of fun as you can play against your friends as many of the popular characters from the movie and even new ones only offered in Race-O-Rama.

All in all,  it does have some good things going for it. There is a great variety of characters on multiplayer. The races are challenging and fun, and the environments make you feel like you've been thrown right into the movie. Another thumbs up goes for the humor portrayed in the dialogue. It will have kids laughing throughout the story mode.

As for the things that aren't up to par, the graphics just weren't there. They were blurry and this limits the player's vision as there is a lot happening on the screen. This makes the game more challenging than it really should be for a younger audience. The controls were a little problematic at times, too. It does offer multiple controls, which is good, but the Wii-mote and nunchuck were a strange combination you might have to get used to. The more reliable control setting to use would be the motion controls or Wii wheel controls as there are less problems with these.

In the end, it was an average Disney experience. Disney tries to pride itself in its movies and video-games as being magical. This was far from that and even though it was pretty cool driving around the Cars' world, too many problems take away from the magical and fun experience that it could have been.

Gameplay: 6.0
Although some races got a little monotonous, the motion controls made it Ok to play through without getting too bored.

Graphics: 5.5
Graphics were extremely blurry. It almost feels like you are playing on an older system with these visuals.

Sound: 5.5
The only thing special about the sound is the voice acting. The music to the game and sound effects aren't that pleasing to the ear.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
If the graphics were at least good, younger gamers would not have a tough time with the difficulty. But since they aren't, younger players will have a harder time getting their character up front.

Concept: 6.0
Nothing really new came out of this Cars title. The addition of new characters was definitely a much needed and fun addition to the Cars franchise.

Multiplayer: 6.0
It is definitely fun to play with all the characters and against your friends, but you can only play against one of your friends. Time to take turns!

Overall: 6.0
Cars Race O' Rama had some nice new additions, but in the end just wasn't as fun as racing in Lightning McQueen's world should be.

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