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Demigod - PC - Review


Posted by: jkdmedia

Review Rating 8.7 Great

Do you like acting like an all powerful being?

Do you want to take over the world and rule all?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then Gas Powered Games latest offering to the PC world has just you are looking for. Their latest creation is entitled Demigod and it allows players to dish out devastating damage with god-like powers to any enemy who comes in their way. Demigod is classified as a real time strategy game, but it is extremely fast paced, and players will love every minute of it.

The developers at Gas Powered Games came up with a decent story and mythology for this game, even though it really doesn't play that big of a role. The "All Father" has vanished, and all of the Demigods from around the world are waging war with one another to fill in the role that the All Father left. The winner of this war will be proclaimed as 'god', and that is what everyone is striving to become. The question remains: do players have what it takes to defeat all the other Demigods and become the most powerful one?

There are two categories of Demigods: Assassins and Generals. Assassins are extremely powerful beings who can deal and take lots of damage. On the other hand, while the Generals are strong, their main strength comes from calling and ordering unique troops called minions. These minions can be summoned through scrolls purchased at the item shop, or by the individual skills of the Demigod. They will help dish out damage to anything that comes their way so players main character will not take as much damage.

Two Demigods going at it

Before each battle, players have the opportunity to choose between the eight demigods, and each has their own strengths and weakness. The general breakout is split between melee, ranged, spell caster, and healer types of fighters. For instance Rook is a huge walking castle that can endure and dish out massive damage, but as a tradeoff he is extremely slow and most enemies can run away before he has a chance to strike. On the other hand Regulus is a master with the crossbow and can hit enemies from very far away, but has very little health. The developers did a wonderful job of balancing these eight units from each other so no single unit has the advantage in any given game.

One of the biggest complaints people will have is the true lack of a tutorial mode in Demigod, so it takes a while to actually understand what to do. When players load this game for the first time they will see two options: Single Player and Multiplayer. In single player mode gamers can either play a skirmish mode that allows them to play against the computer and choose from various options, such as area type, rules, and allies. The tournament which allows players to choose a Demigod and play with them in a series of battles to win favor points to ascend to godhood. Since there is no campaign, the single player mode is best used as a tutorial for jumping online with other players.

To expand these modes even more there are four different game options to choose from: Conquest, Dominate, Slaughter, and Fortress. In conquest it is a player's goal to destroy the enemy Citadel to win, which takes a long time since players have to cross the entire map to get access to it. In order to win in Dominate gamers have to control a set number of flags for a period of time. The shortest mode is Slaughter because players gain victory by killing a set number of enemies and Demigods. Finally in Fortress gamers win by destroying all of the enemies' fortresses, which is hard because they are scattered all throughout the map.

Look at the pretty flower

If players choose multiplayer they can either play over a local area network (LAN) or over the Internet; both have the same options. The first option is a custom game, which offers the same options as the skirmish mode from single player. Another mode is skirmish which the game automatically finds players a good match to play with/against over the Internet. The Pantheon is a persistent on-line universe where players choose a side (Light or Dark) and compete for favor points.

One great thing about this game is the developer support. Since this game is new, players can login anytime to the forums and they will see actual posts by the President of the company saying that they are playing the game with gamers from around the world. They are trying to do all they can to ensure the best possible gameplay allowed. It is also stated that additional arenas are in the works, and depending on player feedback: new Demigods as well. It is always a great thing to see an active community with developer support as it shows that the developers are trying to do all they can to ensure this game will be out for the long haul.

The graphics are really well done. Players will be amazed at how much is going on at any given time, with no slowdown. Even playing online there is no slowdown caused by the game (only the lag from gamers Internet connections.) One thing that makes the graphics so great is that the game can run on lower end systems while still maintaining the look of the higher end machines. There are also a lot of special effects that this game has going at any given time, from explosions, poison toxic clouds, and more. Players will be so enticed by the special effects they might forget they are actually in a battle for survival.

That will leave a mark

The character models for the game are really unique from one another, and it is always amazing to see the high level of detail. Going back to character Rook, players can actually view the archers on one of his shoulders firing the arrows and even the catapult on his head. It is a marvel to gaze upon. The area's are also varied from each other and look great. Each has its own look and feel as well as subtle animations that make it a blast to play in.

The musical score is also really good. It helps players get in the state of mind to destroy anything in their path. The sound effects are also a "blast" to hear during the game. Players will love hearing all of the explosions during the course of the game. The voice work is decent in the game, but there are too many cheesy one liners that almost ruin it.

Demigod is rated Teen.

The system requirements are:
Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP1
2.4 GHz Processor
512 MB Available System Memory
8 GB Available Hard Drive Space
128 MB 3D Video Card
Sound Card
Broadband Internet Connection for Multiplayer
Stardock's Impulse Required for Updates/Digital Download

Gameplay 9.1
Even though Demigod can be viewed as a very basic game, with very little offerings, once players actually dive into the game they will find it to be so much more. With a variety of units to choose from, arenas to do battle in, and even game modes to play. Gamers will have a blast as they try to become the next "All Father".

Graphics: 9.3
This game looks great, even on lower end systems. Players will not believe all of the action going on at once without any hint of slowdown.

Sound: 9.2
The music and sound effects will rock your socks off. The explosions and sounds of war are great to hear. The music will sooth players whether they are suffering a mighty defeat or a great victory. The voice acting is good, but the cheesy one-liners drag it down a bit.

Difficulty: Medium
This game is easy to learn but it will take plenty of time to master its many facets.

Concept: 8.9
Demigod is a really nice spin on the RTS genre which it hails from. Players will love the instant action yet deep gameplay this game offers.

Multiplayer 8.8
This is where this game really shines. The numerous options and the ability to start and end a game in less then twenty minutes will appeal to many gamers. Gamers will lose many hours of sleep (and even work if you can sneak it in during your lunch time) playing this game. The only issue players will have is actually trying to get a decent connection to the server.

Overall: 8.7
The main problem with this game is that it is extremely unreliable when players try to connect to the multiplayer service. This is a shame because this is where the majority of player’s time will be spent. Hopefully this flaw will be fixed as this game is a blast to play!

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