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Calvin Trucker's Redneck Jamboree - WII - Review


Posted by: jkdmedia

Review Rating 3.0 Poor

So the stage has been set - once a year Calvin Tucker invites all the redneck families in the area to compete in a series of events that will determine, for that year, who the greatest redneck is. Sort of like deciding which hot sauce is the hottest, doesn't matter in the end, we all suffer. Well, in this case the winner gets to move his or her family into the big double wide trailer for that year. Truly a prize worth fighting alligators and bears for.

Yes, I said it in my last Wii review, the collection of mini-games seems to have found a home on the Wii whether we like it or not. No other system has embraced this type of genre more than the Wii and quite frankly, the quality of the games and the off-the-cuff fun they are supposed to generate has been declining steadily for a while now. A bar raiser in this genre is definitely needed, although I see nothing on the horizon to save us. In this compilation, we have 12 games that apparently rednecks enjoy doing. Shooting stuff, blowing up fish, running through the wilderness to go to the bathroom, you know, things we all face in our everyday life.

"Glad to see that John Goodman is still getting work."

What really irks me though, is that the game requires you to play, quite a bit, the first six games in the collection in order to unlock the next six games. Which quite frankly is a bad game design decision. Playing these party-style games is supposed to be spontaneous and fun, unlocking a single additional game after two and a half hours of playing is insane. In fact, the way you do unlock these games is to buy it with bottle caps, and you only get a couple when you win an event, and it takes like 150 to unlock a new game ... ridiculous.

Redneck games is a hodgepodge of semi-capable graphics. The shooting sequence, which should provide decent physics and animations is about on par for a 7-8 year old game. Really. Poor color schemes, shoddy texturing, the game just shouts last generation, and that's insulting the last generation of games. Clearly the folks at Zoo games are working on a tight budget and fast deadline. Only by suggesting redneck-inspired games are they being original and creative. A really, sloppily put together game.

You could apply the same thing I said above to the audio portion of the game. Underdeveloped sound effects and a poor soundtrack just don't cut it. It probably would have doubled the game's budget, but having the "Dueling Banjos" from the movie "Deliverance" would have brought some sort of legitimacy to the game, although it would have been short lived. Sawing logs, shooting guns, exploding dynamite, all really underpowered and thin sounding. No self-respecting redneck would be caught dead shooting stuff with a BB gun when a .22 rifle is lying right there by the baby.

"My Ma and Pa wuz also my Uncle and Grammy."

Playing with friends is only barely more tolerable than playing against the computer, and that's because it's more entertaining listening to your friends make fun of how bad this game is. I wanted to like this game, truly, but there is just too much going against it, including the rather hastily designed controls for the different games. Take the redneck horseshoe toss, which is played with toilet seats. Adjustments can be made, but it's just a matter of luck that you score any points. You could swing the Wii-mote the exact same way three times in a row and you would never hit the same spot twice. We know this is possible, because we have all done it in Wii sports while playing golf. Yes, there is dramatically different actions for all the games, but there is no sense of stability in the controls. One time you are completely dialed in, four seconds later you are not where you need to be.


Review Scoring Details for Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree

Gameplay: 2.8
Poor design, ineffective controls, no sense of equality from move to move.

Graphics: 3.0
A game that could have been made on the GameCube, but then it would still look poorly made.

Sound: 3.1
Thin sounding sound effects, repetitive back woods muzak.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Because each time you play is like playing it for the first time. Oh sure you'll get the hang of some things, but there's even a game that you don't even control where you pick a square and the computer sends an animal out to sit on one of the squares. 

Concept: 3.0
The idea of a series of games based on the redneck style is intriguing, but then you play the game and wonder what might have been.

Multiplayer: 2.9
This game can only be improved with friends and beer, sorry.

Overall: 3.0
I felt bad cause I beat the game up so badly, but then I played it again, and now I don't feel so bad.

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