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Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island - PC - Review


Posted by: jkdmedia

Review Rating 3.1 Poor
The last game that had anything to do with the French Foreign Legion was a nasty little game I reviewed a couple of years ago called Boiling Point where the hero is a former Legionnaire. So now, three years later, it's time to revisit those tough as nails legionnaires and see what sort of disservice has been wrought upon them this time.
OK, here is the problem, the first person shooter is arguably the most popular genre in all of video games. Sorry fans of sims and strategy, the numbers don't lie, the FPS is it. And as it is the most popular genre, it behooves most publishing houses to try and pump out a top notch shooter and then hopefully make a franchise out of it. Well, since this is the second in the Code of Honor series, one may think that there is some semblance of style and gameplay, one would be wrong, very wrong. Not only are there a gazillion better FPS's out there, but there are better cooking simulation games out there, seriously. And here is why.

"Cause walking through the gate isn't manly enough for a Legionnaire."

CoH2 starts out with a whimper, and then folds up very quickly, the game can be beaten in about two hours and that is not a good thing. As you adventure with the Legionnaires, you are being sent to an island to avenge the deaths of a scientific team that was doing research there and were subsequently murdered by a team of mercenaries. OK, not bad so far, and with a title like "Conspiracy Island" you would think the scientists were working on something dangerous or some sort of new weapon that can't fall into the hands of Kim jong il or Osama or Donald Trump or whoever scares you most. The fact is, that the scientists were the Mcguffin for the game, it wasn't what they were working on, its just the fact they were killed and now you get to go in and make some fools pay. And now you know the conspiracy, the conspiracy to relieve you of your money for this game.
The visuals are a poor man's example of what not to do. Textures are spotty throughout and level design will frustrate and bewilder you. Areas that seem accessible aren't and small holes in the wall are. No rhyme or reason applies to the physics and weapons seem to work as if you were firing them with no recoil. Unloading clip after clip into enemy's chests only to have them still shoot at you. And then, some guns work so well, you won't use anything but them. Just a really lopsided display of firearms and realism. Of course you really have nothing to fear from the mercenaries you face. They all seem to have attended the lemming institute for self preservation, running directly at you as you pump them full of lead, or run back and forth giving you ample amount of time to pull out the sniper rifle, read a book, reshingle the roof, glaze a ham and then pop him in the head, never once being in any sort of danger. Oh, and they are all clones of the same four dudes.

"It never fails, the kids always leave their stuff on the table right before dinner."

The most glaring aspect of the game is the fact that everyone is speaking with an American accent. This is the French Foreign Legion, and I understand that they do take men from all parts of the world, but shouldn't somebody speak with a French accent? Sound effects are woefully underwhelming and make no real use of your speakers.
CoH2 is a sequel as I earlier stated and maybe you deduced since there is a "2" in the title. And although there is a cliffhanger style ending, I just don't see there being a third in the series, this is a pretty bland and unexciting game. I know, I hate to be tough on any game, because I know its a booger to even make a game, let alone get it published, but this is one that underperforms on so many levels. Even the multiplayer mode is disappointing with the same standard multiplayer modes adding literally nothing to the genre in terms of gameplay or innovation.
Lastly, the game controls are pretty much standard fare, if you have played a FPS then you know the drill, but when you actually begin mixing it up with the enemy and the running and gunning begins, you truly understand that this is something you want nothing part of, the feel of the game feels very wrong and the A.I. is an absolute joke. I can usually find a "but" somewhere, even in the worst of games, but I see no real redeeming quality in this title, anywhere.
Review Scoring Details for Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island
Gameplay: 3.2
You fight the morons of the mercenary set and don't feel right about doing it.
Graphics: 3.0
Very dated graphics, poor level design, improper physics, over cloned enemies.
Sound: 3.0
No French accents in a game featuring the rough and tumble French Foreign Legion?
Difficulty: Easy
You can burn through this title very quickly and easily.
Concept: 2.0
The lowest score in the rack because the game is called conspiracy island, and there is no conspiracy.
Multiplayer: 3.5
Nothing new, and all of the sloppy effects the single player game features.
Overall: 3.1
Easily one of the worst FPS I have ever played, and the fact that the game is so short is a second slap in the face. The first is making you feel like you were getting a game that would put hair on your chest.
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