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Mega Man - MB - Review


Posted by: jkdmedia

Review Rating 8.0 Great
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Since smashing onto the gaming scene back in the late eighties, Mega Man has been a staple character in the video game universe, experiencing many adventures on many different platforms. Now, the perennial character is making his debut on cell phones courtesy of Verizon’s Get It Now service. Mega Man is a port of the original Mega Man, which hit the NES nearly twenty years ago. However, the game has a few upgrades added to the mix, namely revamped tunes and improved graphics. Mega Man is a very competent port, correctly grabbing all of the best elements from the original game while updating the aesthetic to showcase what modern cell phones are capable of. Hardcore gamers may have a little trouble getting used to the controls at first (what with it being a cell phone and all), but after the initial learning curve, Mega Man will prove to be a very solid version of a beloved classic.


For those not in the know, Mega Man pits the blue bomber against several different boss robots, each with their own themes and abilities. You face off against villains like Ice Man, Bomb Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, so on and so forth, progressing through their given stages and defeating them. You can choose whichever particular order you’d like to go in, selecting the boss you want to take on first. As you defeat each boss, you gain their access to their special abilities, which can have powerful effects on other bosses. Part of the fun of the Mega Man games is using some strategy to map out the order in which you take on the bosses, in order to deal the appropriate butt-whuppin’.


Mega Man Mobile screenshots


The biggest issue I had with the game is the controls, which have generally been rock solid in just about every single Mega Man game to hit consoles. However, given the mobile platform, the controls here are a little bit rocky, but that’s more of a general issue with the mobile format that I noticed, not necessarily a dig at the game.


Another thing that may be a problem with some mobile gamers who are relatively new to gaming is the obscene difficulty level, as Mega Man is friggin’ HARD. It was a tough game back in the day, and now that modern games are (on average) much easier, Mega Man’s super-tough difficulty sticks out like a sore thumb. Be prepared to scream at your cell-phone. More than usual.


Mega Man Mobile screenshots


Graphically, Mega Man is a noticeable improvement over its NES predecessor, with bright sprites and fairly good animation. The music has also been updated; with the original songs having been slightly remixed and sound like a fresh take on the themes.


Mega Man is a solid port of a classic, and aside from some control issues, fits very well on the cell phone format.


Review Scoring Details for Mega Man

Gameplay: 8.0
After a little while to get used to the controls, Mega Man plays quite well. The game is a great blend of action and strategy that stands the test of time and fits very well on the mobile platform.

Graphics: 8.0
Mega Man is a marked improvement over the original, with bright colored sprites and detailed levels.

Sound: 8.0
The music is composed of remixed versions of the original songs, and sounds quite nice on the cell phone.

Difficulty:  Hard
It’s not really recommended that you play this game in public, unless you really want people to think you’re nuts.

Concept: 8.0
While the control issues are a bummer, the development did a good job of bringing this classic up to date on the mobile platform.


Overall: 8.0
A solid port, with some nice added aesthetic extras thrown into the mix.

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