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Xiaolin Showdown - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

What would happen if Super Smash Bros. decided to take a detour the next time around, this time traveling to the land of side-scrolling action/adventuring? The result might be something like Xiaolin Showdown, an adventure game with a whole lotta smashin’. 

Think Viewtiful Joe without the viewtiful-ness. Xiaolin Showdown is all about attacking the enemy and pummeling him/it with everything you’ve got. There might be other elements involved, but so far the game appears to be focused on quick thrills. It combines the martial arts skills, wits, and mystical powers needed to get the job done. 

Levels have a nice wide-open appearance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be very long or very wide open. This is a 2D title with three-dimensional visuals. The worlds come to life around you as you pass through each environment. The camera reacts accordingly, creating a nice feature of dynamic perspectives.  

The lead character is very jumpy. He can leap high into the air and spin for an interesting effect. I also saw him jump and lunge forward, almost as Sonic does in his 3D Sonic Adventure titles, but from a side-scrolling perspective. He can also pick up objects and toss them (harshly) at his opponents. 

Given the level of quality during the demonstration, I’m guessing the footage is from the PS2 version. Not that the others couldn’t handle a game that looks this good, but you don’t usually see these kinds of tricks on the DS. It should have an attractive version of its own though, one that’ll hopefully include some touch screen features.


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