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XCOM: Enemy Within Preview: Go big or go home


For almost a year now, XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been putting the boot to extraterrestrial threats. This challenging, turn based action-strategy game takes you to an organization rattled up by invasion into an in efficiently assimilated squad of alien killers. But wait, that’s not enough. Come November, XCOM: Enemy Within is being released. On PC, this will an expansion. For Xbox 360 and PS3 users, Enemy Within will be a standalone title.

There are a few noticeable updates coming with this expansion. Your agents will have the opportunity to have their genes modified. In the demo, the sniper was able to jump high distances to get into better positions. With a better view, the aliens become a sniper’s play thing.

Not much for gene modification? You want more bulk and strength? You’re going to be interested in the mech trooper then. These hulks use mech suits to carry large chain guns which can literally destroy pieces of cover aliens hide behind. Although this attack will use your entire clip, the melee attack from this mech packs an incredible punch.

Lastly you'll have access to telepath-like Sectoid Commanders. They can set protection modifications, so if an alien tries to mind control them, a trigger sets off that blows up the mind of the attacker. Not only are you protected, but you are a hidden weapon to psionic attacks.

The last new feature shown during the PAX Prome 2013 demo was a little device called the 'Needle Grenade.' Unlike other grenades, this bad boy doesn’t do environmental damage. When correctly thrown, you can avoid hurting your own squad mates.

XCOM: Enemy Within will be in our hands November 12th. With brand new maps to murder aliens on, it’s about time to get pumped for it.

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