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Xbox 360 Video Game Previews


Saint's Row - 360 - Preview

Volition, the folks behind the revolutionary PS2 launch title Red Faction, and THQ are gearing up to release their entry to the free-form crime-based


GUN - 360 - Preview

With the exception of the fun but short-lived Red Dead Revolver and the ultimately disappointing Dead Mans Hand, western shooters have been sorely la


Quake 4 - 360 - Preview

Id Softwares Quake series has been a staple in PC gaming for nearly a decade. Each entry to the series has been an innovation in terms of gameplay as


Prey - 360 - Preview

First hinted at almost a decade ago, 3D Realms Native American themed first person-shooter was originally set to use a modified version of the origin


The Godfather - 360 - Preview

With games based on Jaws, The Warriors and Taxi Driver in the works, it seems that one of the most popular trends in videogames lately has been to re


Gears of War - 360 - Preview

With the introduction of the Xbox 360 and other next generation consoles has created an onslaught of games being made based on existing franchises. I