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World Series of Poker - XB - Preview

Being the latest niche sport to wildly grow in popularity, poker is everywhere these days. Whether it’s watching Ben Affleck get schooled in a game of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em or watching the pros do it right, Poker is the current “in” sport. So, it’s not surprising that the influence is felt on the video game front with the current crop of games coming out based on the sport. Among the Poker games being released on the XBox is World Series of Poker. World Series of Poker has a bunch of different tournament events not limited to Texas Hold ‘Em, as well as a bunch of licensed pros from the tournament circuit. It even has an in depth character creation mode. World Series Poker is shaping up to be the Poker game for the player in all of us.

World Series of Poker has a variety of different Poker games that you can play, with games like Seven Card Stud, Omaha Pot Limit, Razz, High Low Split and so on. Every single play mode in the game can be done online, as well.

While the details on the poker pros in the game can’t quite be revealed at this point, it should be known that a bevy of famous poker players from the tournament circuit will be making appearances throughout the game.

When playing through World Series of Poker, completing certain tasks within a game will give you collector’s chips. You get these through making certain hands in a match or by attaining goals. While the details on what you can use these special chips for are a little scant, they do make for a nice skill-ranking system, even if you are just testing your own abilities.

Aside from the tons of gameplay modes, the game also has a very in depth character creation system. Based off of the Tony Hawk’s Underground system, World Series of Poker allows you to customize your character in many different ways, even giving them poker faces exhibiting several different emotions.

The AI in World Series of Poker is terribly astute, requiring you and your character to basically shape up or ship out when it comes to poker matches. You must learn fast to stay afloat, lest you get beat down every time. In order to win, you must do more than play a good hand, but you must know how to read your opponent’s emotions and reactions in order to outplay them.

World Series of Poker is a complete game of poker, giving you a ton of different games to play, online features and a very deep character creation system. Plus, the ability to play against the pros of the sport is a nice touch. If you are a fan of the sport and want a chance to hone your skills, then World Series of Poker is worth a shot.



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