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World Series of Poker

E3 2006 First Look Preview

In the past few years, the pro poker circuit has gotten huge, hitting all kinds different mediums, from TV to video games. The most successful video game series in poker has been the World Series of Poker games from Activision. The series has offered realistic AI and official endorsements from real-life poker pros, and the next entry is looking to continue this legacy. World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions is poised to offer up twice the amount of pros as found in previous versions, even more realistic AI that acts similarly to their real-life counterparts, and a new story mode. This version is shaping up to be the most comprehensive entry to the World Series of Poker games yet, and poker fans should take note: this version hits this fall.

The game will offer up new AI that reacts realistically according to their real-life counterparts. The developers stressed that the characters will do things, like fold a bad hand of cards or bluff, in line with how the actual player would do it.

There will be twice the amount of professional players in this game as in the previous entry. New players like actress/World Series of Poker bracelet holder Jennifer Tilly will make appearances in the game.

World Series of Poker®: Tournament of Champions PS2 screenshots

The most touted new aspect in the game is the new story mode, where you move from a poker amateur to a champion. You’ll start out by creating a character (even using your own face should you choose to via face-mapping with a digital camera). You begin in the amateur circuit, and then come under the tutelage of famous poker caricature Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, as he gives you support and pushes you along the way to becoming a poker champion.

This fall, World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions will offer poker fans a great blend of realistic AI and a comprehensive story mode.


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