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WireWay - NDS - Preview

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A simple, yet fun DS game, WireWay doesn’t try to be overly complicated. The storyline is fairly simple, as you’ll follow a little alien guy as he attempts to reunite with his spaceship in order to get him home to his planet. Feeling a lot like a DS version of PixelJunk Monsters: Eden, WireWay has you pulling on rubber bands in order to launch your tiny alien buddy through a variety of maps, using the right amount of pull and right directions to launch him to the right place. You’ll have an assist line as you pull back on the rubber bands, helping you figure out if you need more or less force.

WireWay Nintendo DS screenshots

WireWay features 48 different levels to navigate, allowing players to build and share their own stages throughout the game. The game handles quite well, and the simple mechanic of pulling back on a rubber band is a concept that any gamer can easily grasp, but the puzzles become more challenging as angles get more complex.

The game’s graphics are quite charming, as your alien avatar is a tiny creature with a lot of personality. Additionally, the environments that you’re attempting to navigate are very well rendered and feel at home on the Nintendo DS.

WireWay is a fun and ridiculously easy concept, and the gameplay is solid enough to keep a variety of gamer types interested. Look for it to release this fall.

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