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Winx Club

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Based on the top-rated animation series, WINX Club is one of those surprise titles you can’t quite explain. It’s not perplexing like Elebits, Konami’s quirky Wii offering, but rather a strange in that it’s geared toward one audience (fans of the show), yet has the potential to entertain so many more.

Take a good look at the game screens. These characters never take a seat. Always in mid-air, the flying heroine(s) have the power to move about the screen any way they please. Their freedom makes the game match that of a side-scrolling space shooter. And that’s just the kind of special moves you’ll get. I saw glimpses of single-shot blasts that were small and could only defeat a well-targeted foe. I also got a peak at a weapon that spans a beam about the size of the average enemy.

With an attack that big, you’re a lot less likely to miss. Of course, with increase size comes a decrease in speed. You’ll need to decide which attack is best for each situation, either by experimenting or by making a really good guess.

Winx Club™: Join the Club screenshots

Next they revealed a steady shot that sends a continuous, dangerous blast from her hands to the other end of the screen. It’s really something – like a Dragonball Z attack but not quite as intense.

Winx Club is doing a good job of borrowing elements from other titles and making them their own with an original implementation. Fast-paced mini-games are promised, but only hints were given as to what they might be. Button icons scrolled across the screen while one character moved around the middle of the screen. Sounds like a rhythmic-related game, doesn’t it? They also showed a clothing change option, though it’s unknown how deep this feature will go. Animation sequences will be included in the PSP version for sure, and will most likely appear on the DS as well – but don’t count on getting any video on the GBA. While technically possible, the GBA just isn’t powerful enough to handle it.

Have no fear though. If the GBA is all you have access to, Winx Club’s potentially addictive gameplay should lure you in.


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