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WildStar PvP: Warplots gameplay video

Warplots. Huge end-game/Elder-game 40v40 PvP matches where you try to destroy the other team's base. This is what end-game PvP is all about in WildStar.

After you join a Warparty, which is essentially a PvP guild where the leader and assigned ranks can customize and upgrade your Warparty Warplot (fortress), you can defeat other Warparties by blowing up the two generators in their base, or have them run out of energy, thus winning by energy attrition. In your way to victory are defenses the enemy has set up, like Bosses, mazes, poison, and NPC enemies. And if you're not a member of a Warparty, don't worry -- you can still play Warplots as a Mercenary in solo queue. 

Unfortunately in the video you see above, the devs at our press event forgot to set up our Warplot with defenses, so the enemy ran straight to our generators. You still get to see fun PvP combat though.

For more on Warplots, Battlegrounds and Arenas, check out our WildStar PvP article. You can also check out some gameplay footage of the PvP Battleground Walatiki Temple.

WildStar releases on PC June 3rd. For pre-order details, click HERE

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