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WildStar PvP Battlegrounds: Walatiki Temple gameplay

At a recent press event, I was able to experience PvP in Carbine Studios' upcoming MMORPG, WildStar. The one you see here is Walatiki Temple, a 'Capture the flag'-type Battlegrounds match. You can start playing this match at level six, and the spin on it is that instead of capturing flags, you're capturing masks. Make sure you defend your base though, because masks can be stolen back. 

It's fast and frantic, and player skill combined with teamwork really shines here. Not only will you have to aim all of your attacks, abilities and heals, but you'll have to actively dodge the enemies' attacks, which are telegraphed on the ground. 

WildStar launches on PC June 3rd. You can find out more pre-order info HERE, and you can learn more about WildStar's Elder Game PvP Warplots, Battlegrounds and Arenas HERE

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