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White Knight Chronicles - PS3 - Preview

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In many ways White Knight Chronicles is a classic Japanese RPG for the PlayStation 3 console system, but this is a game that is not only incredibly visceral, but features some of the team-based combat that may be familiar to fans of games like Gauntlet.

Truly a beautiful game, White Knight Chronicles is the tale of a princess who has unleashed an ancient power and has broken the seal to release the White Knight. Others are vying for control of this power, and thus will gain control of the world. This is a team-based game, where a single-player can control a group, switch between members of the group or create an avatar and take him or her online for multiplayer gaming. The artificial intelligence of the party members not controlled directly by the gamer looked really tight and smart during the demonstration provided at SCEA’s pre-E3 event in Los Angeles.

The gameplay is quest-based and players will level up characters in a traditional way as well as find armor and other items to equip characters. Some items are quest-based and only available inside quests.

There will be 59 quests available in the game at launch and each quest should provide about an hour of gameplay.

White Knight Chronicles, which also has gone under the names of White Knight Story and Shirokishi (in Japan), sparkles graphically with imaginative foes as well as terrific texturing and lighting effects.

This is a title that certainly should be on the lists of RPG fans.

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