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WET - PS3 - Preview

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Meet Rubi – a bit of a mercenary with a penchant for acrobatic movement. But Rubi is more than just a woman who moves very well within her environments – she also wields two pistols with deadly precision and if the enemy gets close enough, she goes to her katana for some creative killing moves.

WET is a bit of a tribute to the B movies of the 1970s, with over-the-top characterizations, film grain effects to further that feel, but it is – without a doubt – a shooter that is all about empowering players and rewarding them for moving as they kill the targets they encounter. The developer representative stated that this was not a game about puzzles, but rather about the action.

Bethesda Softworks was showing off WET at its booth at E3. While a lot of story specifics were not available, the core plot revolved around Rubi hired to retrieve a case. When the mission goes sour, Rubi gets very annoyed and the game becomes a matter of personal vengeance for the comely killer.

As has been mentioned, this is about moving and shooting. The game uses slow-motion effects to highlight Rubi’s acrobatics, and when she is wielding two guns, one auto-locks on a target and the second gun has a manual targeting reticule.

Rubi can jump, tumble, flip, slide across floors, swing from pipes and bars hung over the floor and even wall run. The environments within the game were specifically designed to highlight her acrobatics and give options for the way she works through the level. If an enemy is standing beneath a chandelier or air-conditioning unit, Rubi can shoot down the environmental object and crush the target below. As she kills, she racks up points. The more creative the kills, the more a multiplier comes into play and the point generated can be used for upgrades.

WET will have about 8-10 hours of basic content, with unlockable content available, and the replayability generated by playing through again on different difficulty levels.

WET will be available on the PS3 and 360 and is slated for a fall release.


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