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Warriors Orochi 2 - PSP - Preview

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No series is more prevalent than the Warriors franchise from KOEI. With several sequels and spin-offs released each year across multiple platforms, no one can escape the hack-n-slash combat that these games provide. Recently, the Warriors have found their way into the world of Gundam. It’s a strange combination, sure. But this is the most versatile form of entertainment – why shouldn’t developers bring anime and game franchises together for the greater good?

Likewise, why not bring a few of the hit Warriors games to PlayStation Portable? Technologically, the handheld isn’t too far behind PS2. Thus, if KOEI wanted to bring Warriors Orochi 2 to the PSP, it would definitely be possible. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. Scheduled to ship this August, the PSP version will feature the same button-mash and hack-n-slash-heavy combat of its console predecessor.

With your favorite Warriors Orochi 2 character selected, you’ll enter the enemy-filled battlefield with the same skills you’ve come to know and love. Intelligence isn’t the strong suit of the average foe (who attacks with the same level of competency as before), but their strength-in-number advantage could ruin your day. It’s going to take your best Warriors Orochi skills to get through this one, with continuous attacks being job number one, and evasive maneuvers (jumping or running when necessary) being job number two.

Warriors Orochi 2 screenshots

Once again, bosses and mini-bosses pose a greater threat, as they have superior attacks and heftier life meters. No matter who you’re fighting, you’ll swing your sword, staff, axe or other weapon several hundred times before an area is free of danger.

When that group is through, another will be waiting in the north, the south, the east, and…well, everywhere. Though you may have to run from an overwhelming assault, there is nowhere to run away completely, which is one of the things that has made the Warriors games, especially the Warriors Orochi series, so popular.

Graphically, the game doesn’t move mountains on PSP but is coming along nicely. Party members can be switched instantaneously – there aren’t any ridiculous breakups or loading periods to worry about. The environments are textured with a familiar level of detail, as are the characters, despite the number of them crammed onto the screen at one time. Since the PSP display is wide by default, the developers are able to offer a better view to all players, as opposed to the PS2 version, which may have been played on the square (4:3 aspect ratio) TV sets.

Two-player versus battles (ad hoc) are being included, as is co-op play in Story, Free and Dream modes. Speaking of Dream mode, KOEI is adding another 12 scenarios to this version. In all, there will be 96 playable characters to choose from – Dodomeki, San Zang, Benkei and Gyuki are some of the new ones.

With all of this in mind, by the time Warriors Orochi 2 is released, it should be a faithful re-creation of the PS2 game it’s based on.


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