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Warrior Epic - PC - Preview

Free MMO’s have had a spotty record, where the specters of poorly designed games and other problems are common. It is a very pleasant surprise to see a fun and exciting game rising up from the genre. Warrior Epic can be both fun and diverse, has shining graphics, and a number of interesting features building on the best aspects of the games that came before.

There are multiple classes in Warrior Epic, including multiple versions of the same general role. There are the standard close melee combatants, ranged specialists, and hybrid classes with greater versatility – for a price. Each class has a unique play style, which leads to a great diversity in the style of play gamers can enjoy. The actual gameplay in Warrior Epic is very similar to the “3/4 overhead” click-and-slash games like the Diablo series. The new features Possibility Space has included help it stand above the rest. The ability to spin the camera and see around corners is a wonderful feature Warrior Epic can boast about. It gives players more flexibility along with a greater sense of immersion in the game itself.

The personal “guild hall” gives players the ability to recruit multiple characters for a single account. Equipment, cash, and items can be shared between characters, so if a player wants to experiment with a new class, it isn’t a complete restart from scratch. The guild hall gives players a great deal of flexibility in their play style. You can quickly bring along a new character to explore something different. While there are many characteristics that help define Warrior Epic, the guild hall is the one that I feel is the most unique and enjoyable.


When exploring the online world there are many options. Player versus player combat is included, of course, along with the standard “player versus environment” fare. The “environment” fare takes a turn for the original in several places. While monsters exist (and can be quite challenging) there are also a fair number of places where players get to interact with “destructible terrain.” When exploring a jungle setting, players might find themselves boxed into a room – until they destroy a section of ruined wall or a thick curtain of vines and leaves. Players have the option of breaking other pieces of the landscape as well. There are the typical boxes, crates, and other devices scattered around that players can demolish to find treasure. In addition to the treasure, there are experience rewards for breaking into these “hidden” treasures, which encourages players to scour every nook and cranny.


The graphics in Warrior Epic are smooth, flowing, and original. They are both detailed and run without a serious strain on the system. When you see fireballs raining down on your foes or a shining sword flashing as it cuts and cleaves, it won’t end up making your video card cry out for mercy. Where most game developers try pushing the envelope for graphics as far as they possibly can, Possibility Space has crafted graphics that are both fantastic and available without needing a powerful gaming computer.

It’s interesting to be caught between feeling that a game could be more and feeling amazed at how smooth and refined a game is. Warrior Epic has a simplified system compared to other MMO’s, but it also has a pristine excellence that comes from not attempting to exceed it’s limits. Instead, Possibility Space has very clearly tried to do as much as it possibly can within those limits. It is a fine distinction, but it holds an important truth – without the need to constantly push the envelope, the developers have been able to polish Warrior Epic until it shines.

If you’re looking for a diversion or a new game to explore, Warrior Epic offers quite a bit to it’s players. Since it is free there’s nothing holding players back from experimenting with Warrior Epic.

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