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Warhawk - PS3 - Preview 2

When Sony made their big playable PS3 reveal last E3, Warhawk was among their titles that were available for gamers to get their hands on. However, the aerial combat game has been going through the ringer lately, as various rumors and reports have been stating that the game possessed a lack of polish and wasn’t living up to Sony’s standards, and therefore would either be cancelled or, at best, was destined to be a free download on the PSN much in the vein of Gran Turismo HD.

However, Sony’s Gamer’s Day event in San Diego showed this not to be the case whatsoever, as there was a playable build that showcased the game’s multiplayer elements. Plus, it was announced that the Warhawk beta would begin on May 24th, a move that will hopefully put all of those nasty cancellation rumors to rest.

Warhawk is set to be released in two different versions, a retail package and a download through the PSN Store. While pricing elements were unavailable, the retail version will most likely be released at the $60 US price point that most next-gen titles release at. This will be quite a bit more than the PSN Store version. However, there will be some added incentive for gamers to pick up the retail package for the extra price, including Developer Diaries and “Making Of” features on the disc, as well as an official Sony Bluetooth PS3 Headset that will be available in the package.

The gameplay in the multiplayer demo was chaos and mayhem, which is exactly what you’d hope for from Warhawk. One intriguing element was that you could exit your plane and run around on the ground, commandeering gun mounts and other vehicles, including planes and land vehicles. The game was full of intense moments and a blast throughout, and while actual numbers weren’t available, the game’s maps should be capable of supporting a lot of players.

Graphically, the game was looking pretty solid, with some very detailed crafts and environments, as well as some great special effects and explosions. The sound was also great, with no craft sounding the same as another one, and gun placements booming in 7.1 surround.

Don’t believe what you hear, Warhawk is not cancelled; the game looks great and plays great, and should be one to check out.

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