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War Times - PC - Preview

It has become obvious that war games are not just a passing fad.  In the case of military action games, the key to success is delivering a solid game-play experience while consuming its audience with innovating new approaches.  WAR TIMES is no exception, offering fans the chance to take on the roll of their favorite WWII Powerhouse.


Developers Legend Studios aimed in creating a realistic real-time strategy game and they are not far from their goal.  In the game, you can play as the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and the Soviet Union.  What make each nation fun to play are their unique strategies and capabilities available to use. 


Germany is strong in their advanced weaponry, the UK is an expert in spying and radar, America is master of the sky, and tank manufacturing is the Soviet specialty. 


You will realize that finding the right nation to suit your tactical needs will make all the difference.  One thing that many gamers will also come to appreciate is the plethora of units available such as lands, sea, and air units.  Though 80 units in all will be usable, each team has 15 exclusive units such as nurses, commandos, and spies.


WAR TIMES has a multiplayer and single player mode.  Though the game premise revolves around the battles between the Allies and the Axis, multiplayer servers offer capture the flag, leader elimination, deathmatch, cooperative deathmatch, and skirmish games. 


Single player mode is based on those lesser known battles that Legend Studios believed changed the course of the war.  Each mission comes with its own video that gamers will find to be a welcoming introduction before jumping in to the game.


As far as maps are concerned, there are 20 official maps available to play.  For those that find more joy in creating worlds than playing in them, there will be a map editor included.


Graphically, WAR TIMES won’t disappoint.  Though the game is still in Beta form, it still gives testers beautiful cinematics, simplistic yet creative map design, and detailed character/machine models.


Fans of Warcraft, Age of Empires, and Command & Conquer will find pleasing similarities in WAR TIMES, but will still get the impression that they are playing an entirely different game with a unique spin on war game play.


So, to summarize:


  • 4 Nations

  • Distinct weaknesses and strengths for each team

  • Exciting multi/single player modes

  • 80 usable units

  • Realistic missions based on real battles

  • “Easy on the eyes” graphics

  • Fan-friendly game play.


Fall 2003, give WAR TIMES a chance on your PC.

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