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Wakeboarding Unleashed featuring Shaun Murray - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


At the Activision booth in E3 this year, there are a lot of really cool titles that are coming out. The one in the extreme sporting lineup that was getting most of the attention was of course the new Tony Hawk title called T.H.U.G. Well, I also got to check out Wakeboarding Unleashed, which was a great looking and unique entry into the series.


One of the first things that really caught my attention with this game was the graphics and the physics. The water and the wake behind the boat were pretty astounding looking, including the churning white water behind the boat that would sway and disperse as you moved forward. You could also trick in and out of the water, which made for some really interesting combos to pull off. For example, you could hop over the wake, up the side of a concrete embankment, slide over a wooden bench, onto a railing, then flip back into the water and chain them together. There were also accurate rope physics where it would bend or pull out of your hand if it got caught up around an obstacle.


Wakeboarding Unleashed will feature 9 levels and a cool Co-op mode where players can switch between driving and wakeboarding at the press of a button.


Be looking for this one here this summer of 2003.

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