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Viewtiful Joe - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On


Capcom’s brand new game Viewtiful Joe is a fun, cartoony action game based on a lovable character named Joe. The producer of Steel Battalion and director of Devil May Cry come together to create a totally original game unlike any other.


Our story begins with Joe, an average dude out on a date with his girlfriend Sylvia. The star of the movie is Captain Blue, Joe’s favorite super hero. Suddenly, Sylvia is sucked into the movie, and being the good boyfriend he is, Joe jumps in to rescue her. Along the way, Joe learns new techniques to help him find his lost lover.


Viewtiful Joe’s gameplay is like a treasure chest full of innovative features and fun. The control scheme is so simple, yet it allows you to become the super hero that Joe has become. Some powers he learns include Slow Down, Speed Up, and Zoom. These powers not only make the game a whole lot of fun to watch, but they will also help you solve puzzles and defeat certain enemies. One of the many enemies that you can bring down with the help of your powers is the baddy that hover out of reach using propellers. If you use your Slow Down ability it slows the propellers causing the enemy to fall into reach. That’s just one of the many examples of ways to use your powers.


Viewtiful Joe is an absolutely beautiful game. The characters and enemies are absolutely gorgeous and look like they came straight from the pages of a comic book, as well as the backgrounds. The whole game feels as if you’re playing a comic book or an animated movie – kind of like Comix Zone on the Sega Genesis but better. I truly cannot wait for this game to come out, which unfortunately won’t be until October.

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