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Vancouver 2010 - PS3 - Preview

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Next February, hundreds of athletes will come together for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Until then, they'll train hard, hoping they have what it takes to claim a gold medal. At the same time, Sega is working hard on Vancouver 2010: The Official Game of the Winter Olympics. They too are hoping for gold, but in a different way.

Once again, the Olympic events will be presented in the form of mini-games. Just one of them has been confirmed and was on display at E3: Men's Individual Large Hill (ski jumping). Currently played from a first-person perspective, the game takes you inside the eyes of the ski jumper. The view is somewhat foggy with a little bit of black around the top, bottom and sides of the screen, simulating the effect of looking through a pair of ski goggles.

Vancouver 2010 Screenshot

To start, press the A button. This will trigger a long rectangular meter, whose blue filling starts depleting immediately. Press the A button again, this time as quickly as possible (before the meter empties), to start skiing downhill. The sooner you push it, the better your start. Next, a power meter will appear as you approach the edge of the jump. This one is more circular; first the meter fills half-way, reaching 100%. Then it goes up to the top, reducing itself to the power percentage you started with. Again, you have to be quick: press the A button as soon as it's within the middle area.

Finally, you land the jump and must keep yourself steady while skiing toward the end of the course using the L and R buttons.

The demo (or should I say teaser?) ends, followed by a promo screen of the game. Sega wasn't willing to divulge any further details, so this single Olympic event will have to hold us over for now.


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