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Urban Chaos: Riot Response - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

When gang violence becomes too great for one city to bear, a new hero rises. He’s got a ton of unique weaponry, including a riot shield that allows him to defend and attack at the same time. Move through lethal situations without being killed – then charge at your enemies for a painful shield bashing.

Whereas most games star an entirely fictitious superhero, Urban Chaos: Riot Response is taking a more realistic path. You play as a police officer: Nick Mason. Mason is a skilled officer with exaggerated moves and the desire to save lives. His mission is to take back the city by any means necessary.

Firefighters bring a tactical element to the game. Enlisting in their services enables you to cross paths and continue fighting in areas that would have otherwise been too difficult (if not impossible) to handle solo. EMTs will help out as well, reviving hostages when necessary.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response PS2 screenshots

The game starts with brief newscasts that report the chaos going on in the city. Eidos says that a real newscaster was hired for the job, and that the videos are very effective in getting you pumped for the game.

Eleven major story missions are in the works, and the developers also plan to include six bonus missions. Twenty-one weapons give you everything you need to stop the enemy assault. The weapons range from high-quality (military-grade) to whatever you can find (meat cleavers, Molotov cocktails, power tools, etc.). Expect a lot of blood and violence as you struggle to apprehend enemies before they have a chance to harm someone.

Online multiplayer battles are also in the works, and the interesting thing about that is the way developers are ignoring traditional killing spree modes in favor of something more appropriate to this title.


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