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Unlimited SaGa - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On


Unlimited Saga is an RPG/strategy game that puts you in control of seven different characters each with a unique storyline to follow.  They can range from a mail carrier trying to find out how his brother was killed to a man with a cursed gauntlet attached to his arm.  Occasionally, the storylines of these characters will cross and you will interact with other playable characters and then be able to see that event unfold from their point of view as you play it as them.


The first thing that really struck me about Unlimited Saga was the graphics.  The game utilizes a new technique called “sketch motion”, which puts hand-drawn characters in a fully manipulating 3D environment.  The characters in the game looked great and had an appropriate visual style to them.  The battle system is also quite unique, utilizing a new “reel” system, which utilizes a new kind of spinning reel with different combo options if your character is at higher levels.  All in all, Unlimited Saga looked like a really interesting title that promises to do some pretty innovative things to the RPG/strategy genre.


Look for it later this summer.

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