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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - PS3 - Preview

As one of the first developers to provide Sony with a long-running franchise, Naughty Dog has made their name utilizing the potential of Sony’s systems. Whereas their first hit franchise (Crash Bandicoot) pushed the PlayStation One’s early 3D capabilities, their second franchise (Jak & Daxter) debuted on the PS2 and presented a more humanistic approach to their offhand brand of platforming action.

Now for the PS3, the developer is beginning yet another franchise with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Uncharted is a third-person action game that draws inspiration from several sources, with some notable comparisons to Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and maybe a little Far Cry. The game is shaping up quite nicely, with some great graphics and detailed environments with no shortage of action.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PlayStation 3 screenshots

Story elements are a bit scant, but so far it seems that you are a treasure hunter who looks for a fortune in an abandoned Spanish settlement in the middle of a South American jungle. You run into some trouble with some unexpected visitors (pirates) and must not only fight to find the treasure before they do, but fight to stay alive.

The game will be a third-person action game, much in the vein of the Jak and Daxter games, but with a much more realistic twist. You’ll perform platforming puzzles much like in the Jak games as well as Tomb Raider, and you’ll engage in gunplay against enemies that pepper the landscape. If guns aren’t an option, then hand-to-hand combat is a means to give those pirates a beatdown.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PlayStation 3 screenshots

The game uses SIXAXIS support in a very intuitive way. While we didn’t get into all of its applications, there was a scene in the demo where you had to cross a narrow log, tilting the SIXAXIS back in forth in order to keep your balance.

So far, Drake is looking very impressive and is playing great, even at this early stage. The game should be a worthy successor to Naughty Dog’s Jak franchise and the gameplay that it represented, and should be a title to check out this holiday season.

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