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UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 - PSP - Preview

When it comes to soccer games, many titles try to differentiate themselves by offering the ability to tackle different tourneys. But when it comes to the challenge of a achieving the top-flight tourney titles – while the World Cup is wonderful – there is nothing quite as challenging as the Treble.

What is the Treble, you ask?

Thanks, that opens it all up for this preview.

The Treble is a hat-trick of European soccer titles – the league title, the nation’s domestic cup and the Champions League Cup. But the trick is that this incredible feat must be accomplished all in one season. That is a pretty mean feat.

And in this game, difficulty level is rewarded through bonus points as you achieve certain markers within the game.

UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 screenshots

UEFA Champions League is a PlayStation Portable release from Electronic Arts. At first blush the game presents a thoroughly entertaining and deep sports experience. But presentation does count for a lot and the way the development team has managed this title to meld with the handheld is remarkable.

The game begins with players creating a manager. You can customize the name and look, but that is more or less fluff. The game is so much more, from weather effects to a strategic card mode that will have you collecting virtual cards that will help you assemble a team.  

Some of the other features include the ability to create customized real-world groupings of the official UEFA league tourney, a history book of missions, the ability to replay memorable moments from UEFA Champions League history, and multiplayer mode that includes PlayStation 2 connectivity and WiFi head-to-head gameplay

Of course, the game is only as good as it’s control scheme and UEFA for the PSP has taken that in hand and with quick controls (and an attribute-based shooting system), the game flows very well.

UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 screenshots

The game contains some of the best club teams in the world. With an emphasis on team chemistry, and using a card system to manage, the game has some unique elements that will certainly intrigue and entertain.

And the emphasis seems to be on speeding up the game as some game elements have been given a bit of a facelift in terms of having them rip off faster. Corners, throw-ins, goal kicks – all are performed much faster.

While the screen is a tad small, UEFA still manages to convey the beauty and fluid nature of the game rather well. Both the graphics and sound do an admirable job of pulling gamers into the action and into the managing aspect of creating the team to snare that golden Treble.

UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 releases very soon and if you are a football fan (or soccer for those who cannot overcome the image of American football), then this is definitely a handheld worth getting for gaming on the go.


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