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Two Worlds II Preview


Developed by TopWare and Reality Pump, Two Worlds II runs on the GRACE engine that was built from the ground up for the title. This is no extension from the original, so naysayers be damned as this is as different from the first as it ever could be.

Upon the start of the game, the main character is freed from a dungeon by orcs, who were the enemies in the first game. Escaping with the help from mysterious friends who believe the main character is the answer to their prophecies, Two Worlds II uses the common ploy of amnesia to allow players to explore the story of the title.

As they traverse the dungeon and libraries of the keep, players eventually whisk by the main villain of the story who is putting the orcs through genocide. Designing the baddie as a cruel dictator with a right hand man who sports an electrified saber, Reality Pump definitely has created memorable antagonists to hunt down and extract revenge upon. Even though the villain is human, he has tempered with magic too much and has turned his skin into glass.

Leveling up isn’t restricted to one class or tree; players are able to master the ways of magic, archery, melee combat and much more to become a jack of all trades. If they’d rather to be the master magician, then by all means, they are able to. In addition, players are able to create their own spells by mixing and matching effects such as: radius, size of the blast, style (fire, electricity, etc.), summons (giant scorpions, hornets, demons, etc.), and ricochet.

Attempting to create a more diverse cinematic experience, Reality Pump has infused a wide variety of environments throughout the game along with in-game cinematics that allow players to control the camera. Acting as a fly on the wall, the conversations with NPCs are less about making decisions but experiencing the story on the go.

Providing a plethora of weapons and an excessive amount of books to read and accept side-missions, Two Worlds II is shaping up to be a better title than the original in almost every single area.

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