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Twisted Metal E3 preview


Back in the early Playstation days (now, we’re going way back to 1995 here), designer David Jaffe readied a launch title for the system titled Twisted Metal. The game was a car combat title unlike any that gamers had seen up until that point, and was an instant classic that spawned quite a few sequels. Somewhere along the line, Jaffe left the franchise (he then made a couple of games that no one cared about, y’know, like God of War or whatever…), and fans were left wondering if the franchise would be revisited at some point. Fortunately for them, E3 was a big payoff, as Jaffe has returned to the project and officially announced the next title for the franchise and first one on the PS3, simply named Twisted Metal.

At a behind-closed-doors reveal at this year’s E3, Jaffe was on hand to reveal one of the game’s upcoming new multiplayer modes, Nuke mode. Nuke mode plays out like a cross between Battlefield and Capture the Flag, with quite a few other game elements thrown into the pot. In the game that we saw, the two warring factions, the Clowns and the Dolls, as they fight to blow up a statue that belongs to the other side. Using nuclear missiles that can be launched from mobile or stationary launchers, you must guide your missile to the other side of the map in order to knock their statue down.

However, along the way, there are a lot of things trying to stop you and your progress. In order to fire your missile, you’ll have to capture your enemy’s leader as he sits on a stationary weapon and drag his body to the launcher in order to present him as a sacrifice to get the missile going. Of course, your opponent will be fighting tooth and nail to stop you and your crew. Additionally, they’ll be able to blow your missile out of the sky even if you manage to get it in the air, adding a whole new challenge.

Nuke mode is fun, but it would be substantially less awesome without a range of creative weapons that each vehicle and driver (yes, they are separate this time around) has at their disposal. Some characters have sniper rifles capable of picking off enemy drivers, while the vehicle specific ones really take the cake. An ambulance vehicle is capable of launching a patient strapped to a gurney into enemies, a tow truck can fire off taxis, and an exterminator can launch a guided missile into enemies. However a personal favorite of mine is the chainsaw, which is wielded on a motorcycle. The chainsaw is a powerful attack, but by running it on the ground as you drive will heat it up causing it to become a flaming chainsaw capable of three times the damage. Very cool.

Details on Twisted Metal are still pretty slim, and Jaffe was mum about the game’s single-player campaign. However, if the multiplayer modes are any indication, Sony could have a real hit on their hands.

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