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Tron 2.0 - PC - Preview 2

E3 2003- First Look


Tron 2.0 takes place years after the original, where a company named Future Control Industries is looking to take over the world by stealing Alan Bradley’s program. They hire in a thief, who gets trapped in the Tron world and becomes a virus that begins attacking, controlling, and destroying lab computers and firewalls. Jet Bradley (Alan’s son) gets trapped and pulled into the Tron world, where he is now fighting to save himself and destroy the virus in a HUGE world with some really neat effects and gameplay.  


First off, actors from the original film lent their voices to the game. Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley) will be back, and Cindy Morgan will actually be an AI program now named Ma3a. Rebecca Romjin Stamos will also make a voice appearance in the game as Mercury … the LightCycle champion. Other than cool talent, players who know the original movie will also see some stuff that they will know. Remember bit … the little program that followed the lead character around and said “yes” and “no” all the time? Well, his brother Byte will appear in this one, since upgrades have occurred over time.


In addition to the cool story and voice talent, everything from the movie will be included in the 2.0 release as well. Disks and the ball toss can be used as weapons, light cycles can be driven in parts of the game (and also in a separate circuit) and they have also added in a bunch of newer things like sniper rifles and virus cannons which will actually draw out into your hand when equipped. In addition, 1’s and 0’s fly out when you get hit, and enemies will move realistically when shot in certain areas … like the leg for example … so the graphics are coming along really nicely as well. They have even added in an RPG style level up system which will not only add to your character stats ... but will upgrade your version as well (Tha Wiz would move to Tha Wiz 1.5 and so on).


Overall, Tron 2.0 is shaping up to be a great title that I am anxious for, and had some of the neatest effects that I have seen so far at E3. Be looking for this one August of 2003.

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