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Tron 2.0 - PC - Preview

You remember Tron don’t you? Well if you're about twenty years old you may have been in diapers when the movie first hit, but for the rest of us this will be a real nostalgic treat. That is where it stops. This is a whole new Tron.

TRON is a totally updated sequel that takes place in today’s computer world and not in the IBM main frame of the original TRON program creator,  Alan Bradley. Jet Bradley, a talented, young computer programmer is the son of Alan 20 years after the events of the film (out in 1982). You assume the role of Jet and are in search of his missing father. You must travel through a whole new world of computers, PDAs, Internet hubs, and even infected servers.

From this early peek at the game (not due out till Spring 2003), the game has totally awesome graphics. This isn’t the detailed realism that other games are shooting for though, this is a digital world and the details build a believable unreal world. Jamie Berger, Director of Marketing for Disney says, “We just couldn’t have done this title two years ago, the graphics just weren’t where we needed them to be.” In fact, he also told me that nVIDIA is creating a whole new effect for this game on their high end products.

TRON’s graphics aren’t the only thing different about this first-person PC action game. Gamers, armed with an assortment of digital weapons, shields and gadget subroutines, can compete on the legendary Game Grid, contend with deadly programs and circumvent devious obstacles as they travel through settings never-before-seen in PC gaming. One of your main weapons, the disc, you don’t just shoot, you control it. It takes more than a fast or rapid finger to make this weapon effective. You can actually control it after you fire, thus allowing you to even hit targets around the corner. If you miss, it will come back to you like a boom-a-rang. But wait, this is your shield as well, so if you fire at the wrong time you could be defenseless. I am sure this will take  a little getting use to, but this game looks like it will provide many new hours of fun.

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