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Trine - PS3 - Preview

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Take three classes that can be interchanged on whim, a side-scrolling action adventure set in a fantasy land and strong cooperative gameplay and you have the ingredients of a title that could intrigue fans of downloadable games.

In many regards, it is a great melding of concepts that should make for a successful and entertaining downloadable game.

Trine, from Frozenbyte and Atlus, is just such an adventure that combines platforming elements, puzzles and role-playing. The three character classes are wizard (which is basically useless if the enemy closes to melee range), a thief (can grapple and swing, and uses ranged attacks) and the knight (slow, but the tank you want at the forefront of a fight).  

Atlus showed off Trine at E3 in Los Angeles and a little hands-on time revealed a game that did not over-complicate matters in terms of the control scheme, though there was some initial fumbling.

Trine PlayStation 3 screenshots

Graphically Trine is easy on the eyes. Though the characters are on the small side, with more attention given over to the environments, the game’s animation is very nicely handled and the terrain is lush with environmental objects easily distinguishing themselves. There was an ease to the flow of the game, changing from one character to the next in response to the situation. The wizard can conjure up objects and drop them on the enemies, or create and move platforms to help teammates easily cross expansions where the slightest misstep might mean a fall into a pit of spikes.

The cooperative nature of the game really shines through, as traversing the fields becomes easier with teammates.

While the hands-on with Trine was on the PlayStation 3, Trine will later be available on the XBLA for the 360.


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