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Too Human - 360 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Silicon Knights hit gold on the GameCube twice, with the releases of Eternal Darkness, an innovative take on the survival horror genre, and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, a great remake of the original PS One hit Metal Gear Solid. Now, the company is offering support to the Xbox 360 and adding a sci-fi action game to Microsoft’s roster. Too Human is an action game with elements of Devil May Cry and God of War. However, the game still stands in a league of its own with a very fast pace and a cool storyline. Too Human is shaping up to be a very competent action game, so action fans should keep on eye out for this one.

Too Human puts you in control of a synthetically enhanced super-soldier fighting in a war between the humans and machines (you fight for the humans of course). Using your cybernetic abilities, your character will fight against hordes of nasty robot enemies in order to skew the war in favor of the human forces.

Too Human Xbox 360 screenshots

The combat showcased in the demo focused on the ability to use a ranged attack as well as a melee attacks on the fly. This made the game feel a lot like Devil May Cry, as you could also perform combos and juggle enemies using both close and ranged weaponry. Your fighter will also be able to perform special moves in order kill off multiple foes.

Although they weren’t present in the demo, Too Human will have pretty deep RPG elements. You can gain new weapons and abilities as you go, including polearms and the like. Using new weaponry will change the dynamics in your characters fighting, but it will also allow you to perform new combos. It’ll be quite interesting to mix and match different melee and ranged weapons to yield unique combat results.

Too Human Xbox 360 screenshots

Too Human is shaping up to be a very exciting and deep action game with some truly intriguing elements and fun and engaging combat, making it a 360 title that gamers should be on the lookout for.


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