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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell ConViction - 360 - Preview

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Taking a route for a more gritty title, Ubisoft has transformed Splinter Cell Conviction into one of E3’s best games. With visually impressive graphics and dynamic gameplay, Conviction is bound to provide spy fans a thrilling ride.

Having three goals in mind, Ubisoft strived to create a game that had a Sam Fisher with no restraints. They truly wanted a title where Fisher went all out and, as far of the showing, he’s taking his game to the next level with no boundaries. The second goal was for dynamic stealth without having to hide in the shadows for too long to accomplish your task. From the demonstration, Fisher leaps from the shadows to kill enemies with force that has never been seen in any Splinter Cell title – objective completed. The third was creating a unique way to tell a story in a similar fashion to a movie and they may have done that. Projecting images, text and video on walls and doors of buildings you are in, the cinemas are being presented in a way that I have never seen before. There are seamless movies that transport the gamer from one mission to the next in the matter of 10 seconds or so that detail the environment Fisher is about to claim as his own.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell ConViction screenshots

With a more action-oriented title, Ubisoft is attempting to take Splinter Cell in a direction that will astonish fans. The visuals are downright beautiful that you’ll often mistake in-game footage for cutscenes. In one particular scene where Fisher fights a bald-headed biker in the men’s bathroom, Ubisoft has put forth amazing visuals that you’ll put down the controller to enjoy the ride to only realize that you are in the game and are able to play through the scene where you decide where you want to slam the enemy’s head – bathroom stalls, urinals, mirrors and much more are at your disposal – so player’s will need to stay on their toes.

Unfortunately, no multiplayer was shown or spoken about on the showroom floor. This is an important aspect that should be spoken about in the upcoming months, but as of this moment, Ubisoft wasn’t ready to speak on it.

Another unique ability is marking your own location for enemies to search for you while you creep around the back. This occurs as an old silhouette lies behind and the enemies approach that location in attempt to find you to finally realize that you are behind them and about to snap their neck.

In regards to snapping necks, the audio department of Splinter Cell Conviction is realistic to the point where you’ll cringe at the snapping of a neck or the breaking of a knee cap. Even without the beard that was turning Fisher into a homeless looking hobo, the visuals are among the best seen on the Xbox 360. So add that into the supreme graphics and you have a total technical package that shall impress its fans when it releases exclusively on the Xbox 360 on November 17.

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