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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2004 - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 –First Look


Tiger Woods has shown that the sport of golf is no longer solely for retirees in Florida.  Just as Tiger has rejuvenated the sport of golf, EA Sports has put fire back into video golf with its Tiger Woods franchise.  While last year’s edition getting better graphics and some extra game modes, the 2004 version improves by vastly expanding the create-a-player mode and on-line play for the Playstation 2.


Many of us have gone out to play 18 and found ourselves hurling our clubs across fairways, losing balls in water hazards, and cursing like a drunken sailor instead of mastering the greens.  Sure we’ve all wanted to tee up with Mickelson, Els, and Woods on the final day of the Masters, but the chances of that happening to the common hack are worse than nil.  With the new create-a-player option in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, the chances of that dream foursome happening, at least on a virtual scale, are greatly increased.  Developer Amy Bartlett scrolled through the options in the create-a-player mode as though she were the master creator himself (or herself), manipulating bodies, faces, and other details for a multitude of appearances previously unseen in any sports game.  Not only can you choose complexion, hairstyle, and forearm size, but picking from 30 positive and negative reactions to golf shots further customizes your created player.  If clothes make the man, then the enormous wardrobe in the game could make an army.  Not only can winnings be used to purchase clothes from the clubhouse, but special items from such brands as Nike and Adidas go on sale everyday.  Want something to wear that’s even more individual?  Win special tournaments and get sponsored by companies earning unique duds to sport on the fairways. 


All dressed up and nowhere to go?  With the Playstation 2 version of Tiger Woods, you’ll always have somewhere to play.  Bring your created player or premade player on-line and challenge other gamers over the internet.  2004 features live chat, EA sponsored tournaments, and real-life synching with actual PGA tour events so you can play TPC at Sawgrass the same time as the pros and see how you compare. 


The newest version of Tiger Woods also features an all-new Long Drive Shootout that pits competitors against each other in a long drive competition, 19 courses, and 15 PGA Pros and 10 created characters. 


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 tees off this October. 


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