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The Temple of Elemental Evil - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


The world of Dungeons & Dragons has been making greater strides into the realm of video gaming. Sometimes to advance the genre, you have to take a trip into the past.


Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil does just that. This Atari PC title is a pen-and-paper game that has been faithfully translated into the realm of video gaming. It fully implements the D&D rule set and features turn-based battle using tactical elements. However, players will not have to wait for the mobs to individual perform actions. All monsters take their turn simultaneously.


Unique mobs have unique attacks, and the game also features procedural events and interactive environments.


The game is a party-based excursion, with each party featuring up to five players with three additional followers. The game also features 230 spells, there are 40 people to choose from and recruit into your party, and there will be 50-60 quests and 60 side-quests. Pets are available and there are also crafted items inserted into the mix. There are more than 100 creatures in the game.


The game is very non-linear, beginning right at the start when you align your central characters. How you play through the game is up to you. You will have to arrive at a predetermined point, but the path you take to get there is up to you.


The player interface has been kept quite simple, allowing for easy egress to the game content.


Graphically, this game looks excellent. The environments are lush and richly textured. The animation is also terrific. When the giant toad snag a warrior with its sticky tongue, there is the jerking of the victim as the frog tries to eat him. If successful, and the warrior is swallowed, he (or she) will continue to take damage until the frog is killed and he is rescued.


The Temple of Elemental Evil is a very good-looking game that is certain to attract players with its 1st edition D&D story, its strong graphics and ease of gameplay.

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