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The Simpsons Game - WII - Preview

E3 2007 Preview

Nothing is sacred. Not during the incredible run of The Simpsons on television and certainly not in the forthcoming EA-published title. The Simpsons Game is a rich journey through Springfield, lushly told in a graphical presentation that mimics the prime-time cartoon show.

Play along and you will see tributes to various television episodes, plus pot shots at pop culture.

The game is along the lines of an arcade adventure, with some minigames that are parodies of popular titles like Frogger. Medal of Homer will have Bart and Homer parachuting into a French village to stop the villagers from surrendering. You play as a member of the family, with each character sporting unique abilities and attacks. Lisa, for example, will use her saxophone for her attacks and can call down Buddha powers.

The game is also a mixture of puzzle solving and combat. And to add to the entertainment , you can change the geometry of the game world to help with moving through the levels. As you hit a level that is a wharf, you may see signs mimicking SCEA’s God of War franchise (appropriately titled “God of Wharf”), but in order to traverse the level, you will need to knock down billboards to create a series of ramps or bridges to cross the water. All in all, it is clever and entertaining.

This is really a cooperative adventure that not only looks good, seems to play well, and is really entertaining. The Simpsons Game will be published on all major consoles, as well as the Nintendo DS, the PSP and other mobile devices.

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