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The Saboteur - 360 - Preview

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Developer Pandemic has long been known for their ability to craft compelling sandbox experiences as well as chaotic combat filled with explosions and loads of action, as evidenced by their previous titles like Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries. Now, the developer is looking to take things in a slightly different direction with their upcoming stealth/sandbox/WWII action game, The Saboteur.

The Saboteur is an open world game that puts players in the shoes of a resistance fighter in France during World War II. As Nazi Germany has occupied the country, it’s up to you and other members of the resistance to perform strategic assaults on key Nazi areas, utilizing acts of subversion to weaken the Nazi hold on the area. This includes bombing key installations and areas, taking out high-ranking Nazi officers, and other such clandestine tasks.

Many aspects of the gameplay will be familiar to fans of Pandemic’s Mercenaries titles. You’ll be able to drive vehicles, use a variety of weapons, and blow up a lot of stuff. The world that you explore seems to be quite huge, and should allow players to investigate the city as they see fit.

The most immediately striking thing about The Saboteur is the game’s art design. The game looks fantastic, with a huge world that creates a large and detailed version of Paris during its Nazi occupation in the 40s. However, the game’s color scheme is what will draw your focus first and foremost. A majority of the environment and some characters are in black and white, while some areas and key items and characters will be revealed in color. Think of the movie Sin City and its sparse (yet effective) use of color on black and white to get a feel for what is being accomplished in The Saboteur. The effect is quite gorgeous, and gives the game a nice sense of atmosphere that also draws inspiration from classic black and white films of the 40s and 50s set during WWII.

Even though we only had brief eyes-on time with the game, it’s safe to assume that The Saboteur will be a different WWII experience than most gamers will be accustomed to, both aesthetically and in terms of its subversion-based gameplay.

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