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The Lord of the Rings: The War in the North E3 preview

Going beyond the books, The Lord of the Rings has been a full-on phenomenon, beginning with the books and expanding into films as well as video games. Now, yet another Lord of the Rings video game from Snowblind Studios, developer of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath, is in development, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. War in the North will take players to the northern lands from Tolkien’s books, putting them in a group of players as they combat a variety of beasts and enemy types pulled straight from the books.

War in the North is an action-RPG focused on creating a cohesive three-person co-op experience. The game adds in a brand new story separate from the books of Tolkien, and adds in a level of brutality that hasn’t been seen in a Lord of the Rings game yet.

War in the North separates itself from other Tolkien based games by that it offering a very brutal perspective on the subject matter. You and your buddies will be performing finishers and dismembering orcs quite a bit as you play. The bloodletting and spectacular kills are at a high-point in War in the North, and work well with the violent world Tolkien envisioned, as well as his understanding of war.

Players are able to select their race and class, customizing the look of their character before jumping in. The classes vary from combat classes both melee and ranged, as well as spellcasters that can attack enemies with magic or cast support magic in order to protect their teammates.

Each race in the game is set to have their own special abilities that they bring to the mix. For example, elves have a tracking ability enabling them to follow the footprints of their enemies, humans gather herbs and mushrooms and combine them to create other items, and dwarves can detect weakness in rock and find secrets behind them. Only the person playing as the specific race will be able to see the glowing point of interest, as it doesn’t show up on your cohorts’ screens.

War in the North looks like not only a solid action-RPG, but a fine follow-up to Snowblind’s other great action-RPGs. Look for it to launch in 2011.

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