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The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood - PC - Preview

There are massively multiplayer online games that release and seem content with adding content to the back end without regard to story. What sets Lord of the Rings Online apart is that it is a game steeped in lore and is on the cusp of a war.

When Turbine set out to create the game, there were naysayers that thought the world too defined. After all, there was the Ringbearer on his quest to destroy the One Ring and once that was done, the threat to Middle-earth was basically done. But Turbine has proven that to be anything but true. LotRO launched three years ago and is on the cusp of releasing yet another expansion, one that will expand the game markedly.

The Siege of Mirkwood takes the game into another direction by opening up skirmish warfare. GameZone was recently given a tour of the beta of the expansion and found a game that caters to both those seeking a smaller instanced selection of quests but also putting players into the heart of the War of the Ring.

Aaron Campbell, the live producer at Turbine, conducted the tour that began near Lothlorien, traveled to Ost Galadh and then into the citadel that is Dol Guldur.

Before getting into the nuances of the tour, the press release recently sent out by Turbine provided a quick overview of the more apparent new features coming with this expansion.

  • The epic conclusion to Volume II: Mines of Moria – Under the command of Celeborn and Galadriel, players will fight through vast armies of orcs alongside the elves of L

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