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The Eye of Judgment - PS3 - Preview

E3 2007 Preview

Trading card games usually offer nothing much that is new … well, until Sony Computer Entertainment, in conjunction with Hasbro, is coming along with The Eye of Judgment.

What makes this so different? Well, Sony showed off just what will make this a unique experience during the E3 Media & Business Summit in Santa Monica. The game is played on a 3x3 tile board with the goal being to place cards and battle for five of the nine squares. Once a player wins five squares, the game is won. The cards have mana costs and there are restrictions on direction of attacks, power of attacks and so on. But the game breaks away from the crowd by incorporating the PlayStation Eye into the mix. With the Eye, the cards are read, and animated creatures are generated.

Not only will they do battle, but you can also move your hand across the scan path of the Eye and you can ‘touch’ the creatures.

The Eye of Judgement PlayStation 3 screenshots

Other features include:

  • A revolutionary new way to use the PS3 system, based on traditional trading card games and given a new dimension in 3D by next-generation technology.

  • Developed in collaboration with Hasbro and its Wizards of the Coast subsidiary that produces MAGIC: THE GATHERING

  • Four ways to play - player vs. PS3, player vs. player offline, player vs. player online, PS3 vs. PS3 using players own deck.

  • High Definition 3D animated characters and vehicles come to life seamlessly into the on camera view of your tabletop.

The Eye of Judgment will be bundled with PlayStation Eye, the nine-fields mat, stand, a starter deck of 30 cards, and a booster pack of 8 cards. More than 100 different characters and spells will be offered via additional booster packs and pre-constructed decks, available at major retail chains.

To play online, players will have to register cards, and the game will let players know what cards should be in the player’s hand at a given time (each game deck is comprised of 30 cards, with the player holding five to put into the field of play). The games can be fast paced, and the animation is delightful. Work is progressing on finalizing the look of the cards, even though the game is slated for a fall release. Should two players wish to play at the same time, a second pack will have to be purchased. The game seems to have a small learning curve, but should have a broad appeal.

To try to immerse gamers a bit more, the title also has backgrounds for the characters. The look is terrific through the PlayStation Eye. The Eye of Judgment is a solid tactical strategic card game that scores in style and gameplay.


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