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The Da Vinci Code - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code has stirred up a fair amount of controversy over the past year, angering many people who’ve been offended by the book’s implications. However, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from churning out a big-budget thriller based on the best-selling novel. 2K Games is also hot on the heels of the new movie, releasing a game based on the upcoming Ron Howard film starring Tom Hanks. The game takes on the adventure elements of the film and the book, offering gamers a great sense of atmosphere and a bunch of intriguing puzzles to be solved.

The Da Vinci Code PS2 screenshots

You’ll play as Robert Langdon and Sophie Nevue, the two investigators who are looking into a bizarre murder. As they continue to discover the clues to the murder, they begin to unwind a huge conspiracy and a cover-up dating all the way back to the Renaissance and Leonardo Da Vinci.

The game will have you solving puzzles as either Robert or Sophie separately, or teaming up together at the same time. You don’t have any weapons in the game, per se, and instead must rely on the game’s grapple system and objects in the environment when fighting does occur.

The Da Vinci Code looks to follow it’s subject matter very well, and should be a treat for adventure gamers looking to find a good puzzler with intriguing gameplay.

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