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The Conduit - WII - Preview

PAX 2008 Preview

Ever since screenshots began popping up for High Voltage Games’ latest Wii offering, FPS fans have been chomping at the bit for it. The game looks incredible, courtesy of an impressive graphical engine that pushes the Wii’s hardware to its limit. However, screenshots and video can only achieve so much, and seeing a game in action for itself is paramount. Luckily, The Conduit delivers, not only with impressive graphics, but solid gameplay to boot. The game was on hand at this year’s PAX, and GameZone was able to take a brief play session of what the game had to offer.

The area that we checked out took place in a city that had been destroyed by an alien threat, with bombed out and destroyed buildings. The game had a pretty solid amount of action, and some great controls. The controls are fully customizable, from the button assignments to sensitivity. All in all, even in the default scheme, the game feels very comfortable and a lot more intuitive than many Wii shooters out there.

Of course, the first thing that gamers will notice about the game is the aesthetic. The game features some of the best graphics on the Wii to date, with textures and lighting effects that can almost rival games on the Xbox 360. The game even looks good in motion, with the early build moving along at a pretty smooth clip with relatively few bouts of slowdown.

The Conduit is really shaping up to be a great looking and great playing Wii game, and is likely to turn more than a few heads when it’s released early next year.

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