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The BIGS 2 - 360 - Preview

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Presenting an alternative way to play baseball and ultimately enjoy “America’s favorite pastime”, The Bigs 2 is ready to deliver a homerun to its eager fans.

Introducing Become a Legend Mode and Season Mode, fans of the series will have much more replay value to look forward to. Season Mode will be allowing players to play through one season as they accumulate stats in an effort to win the World Series. Become a Legend Mode is giving players the ability to create their own player as they suffer a career ending injury and must start over in the Mexican League to work their way back to the MLB. Having customization options to change looks, celebrations, tattoos and much more, the Become a Legend Mode is shaping up nicely.

In addition to the two new modes, Homerun Pinball is back along with dozens of mini-games to play through. Having added environments of Las Vegas, Tokyo, Times Square and Old Times Square, Homerun Pinball should entertain competitive gamers who want to score a high amount of points. As for the mini-games, you can expect to use Prince Fielder as you attempt to hit targets in the outfield and much more.

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Changes for the gameplay include the new tactics with the returning glowing batter’s box called the wheelhouse. Pitchers who want to get a jump on their opponents will be tempted to throw into a batter’s wheelhouse to shrink it in size. Once shrunk, the batter’s hot-zone of sorts won’t grow in size so it’s best for the pitchers to weigh their odds on throwing into this zone to affect the game later on. If they fail to achieve strikes against their opponents, the batters will achieve base hits and rack up the points.

Outside of that, players can expect for legendary players, such as Ichiro and Josh Beckett, to have legendary abilities to affect the outcome of a game. Ichiro has a cannon for an arm to throw from the outfield to the catcher without much hesitation and Beckett has a Legendary fastball that will scare any opponent from swinging too early.

Launching on July 7, The Bigs 2 should make its mark on the gamers who love the chase for the Pennant.

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