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The Agency - PC - Preview 2

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There are, perhaps, few things that stir the imagination when it comes to the entertainment genre than tales of secret agents to live larger than life and yet somehow manage to retain a degree of anonymity when it comes to the work they do.

Movies have been filled with tales that show glamour as well as fast and furious gunplay.

At E3 2009, Sony Online Entertainment’s The Agency was showcased on the floor as well as in the private meeting area. This only makes sense, since The Agency is getting closer to release on the PS3 and PC platforms (no official release date has been made) and carries a balanced mixture of tongue-in-cheek humor, high-tech gadgetry, big bad enemies and lots and lots of opportunities to use weapons.

Oh, and this is a massively multiplayer online game.

Features of The Agency , according to SOE’s press guide, include:

  • Live the Life of an Elite Agent: The Agency requires spy world skills in combat, stealth, and style. Players jet around the globe to exotic locales picking up intel, forming networks and taking out criminal masterminds for a multitude of unique missions with numerous goals. With gameplay ranging from sneaky infiltration to all out firefight assaults, there’s something for every aspiring agent.

  • Fun Now, No Waiting: The Agency blends the action of shooter gameplay with the persistence of an online virtual world.  At any point, PS3 or PC players can jump right in and frag opponents in head-to-head combat or advance the ranks in a rich story packed with exciting missions.

  • Mercenary or Spy - the Choice is Yours: Operate as a slick super spy or a gritty mercenary, administering arms deals, executing assassinations, managing espionage, counter intelligence, and more. Collect the right weaponry, gadgets, gear, attire and aliases to gain access to numerous locales and influence over the people within them.

  • Put Operatives to work: Operatives are collectible non-player characters who provide the goods and services players desire, and the in-mission support to keep them alive. Operatives work 24/7 to help players concentrate on the mission at hand.  Trade them with friends or sell them to the highest bidder.

  • Build Your Own Agency: As players advance through the ranks of their faction, they’ll also begin building their own Agencies. Players increase their power even further by creating Joint Agencies with others.

It is obvious that improvements have been made to the graphical presentation of the game, and the humor still plays a prominent role in the game. One of the most anticipated MMO titles, The Agency appears to be shaping up just fine.


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