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Terminator 3: War of the Machines - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look

When I got to sit down and talk to Atari, I was treated to a video of the Rise of the Machines game which will be coming to consoles. Afterwards, I was able to see the PC version of the new Terminator game which looks like a cross between futuristic destruction and Battlefield 1942. 

Imagine getting to play a MMOFPS where you are running for your life in the post apocalyptic world from the Terminator movie or hunting humans in the human versus machine game. You can select from different jobs as a human, things like a soldier who is armed with a good range of firepower to a medic to help in aiding your team. Humans will also be able to utilize different vehicles as well, like the modifued pickup trucks with the mounted machine guns found in the movies. If you are in more of a darker mood though, you also have the option to play as the T900 machines. While they cannot crouch or go prone and are built to press forward and kill, they are more resilient to damage. In addition, you can also play as infiltrator (T900 with skin) to get behind enemy lines or even as an FK (Flyer Killer). Since the machines cannot utilize vehicles ... they will have air superiority. The finalized version will also have a TI terminator, which is a super destructive tank robot.

Terminator: War of the Machines is looking superb so far, and is one that I was extremely impressed with, especially since I have been a fan of games like BF1942 for a while. Be looking for this title around November 18th of this year.



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