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Tennis Masters Series 2003 - XB - Preview

Tennis Masters Series 2002 looks to be a smashing success...

French game publisher Microids produces the first tennis title for Microsoft's Xbox, and it proves to be as smooth and powerful as an Agassi backhand. Real time shadows, fantastic lighting, and life-like animation complement the easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master controls of this premier tennis title for the Xbox.

Although it doesn't feature real names or faces for professional ATP players, its authenticity to the game is solid. Top spins, slices, lobs are all in the arsenal of the player, and footwork and positioning are the key, signaling an authentic tennis simulation. Bring a player up from an amateur ranking, and build his skills to your liking through victories. The courts look great, the human motion looks great, the replays look great... what more do you need?

Tennis Master Series 2002 should hit the stores by Winter of 2002.

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