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Tekken: Dark Resurrection - PSP - Preview

E3 2006 Hands On Preview

The 2nd generation of PSP games are starting to look just like current generation PS2 games. The power of the system and the clarity of the screen still amazes me. So why does it get a bad wrap? Because you are essentially playing the same games as found on the PS2. I don’t think that’s always a bad thing.


Namco has mostly kept Tekken the same for many years. Why change the formula now, just to put it on the PSP?  Dark Resurrection includes a very large cast of 30 plus characters. Many favorites, including the return of Armor King, are included. They have also added 2 new characters; Dragund and Lily.


Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP screenshots


The arcade versions of Tekken only include 4 buttons, and in the demo I was playing you couldn’t map double button presses to the L and R buttons. Since you are able to do this on the PS2, this could change by the time they launch. The controls are very responsive, and I was able to rip off familiar combos using my favorite character Yoshimitsu. I also tried Armor King, but couldn’t remember the link throws that he is known for. The other option grayed out in the menu screen was the move list. Although, since Namco was one of the first fighting games to include a move list during a versus match, you can bet it will be ready for launch. If you would like to learn the moves in a more interactive manner than you can select the Tekken Dojo mode.


Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP screenshots


Along with the Tekken Dojo mode, you have Quick, Story & Arcade modes. I wasn’t able to play the Story mode in the demo to see how different it was. The fighting modes support ad-hoc mode, which means you can fight with other PSPs within wi-fi range. I’m still waiting for the day when more fighting games will support multi-player over the internet. Although I’ve seen plenty of other people playing PSP during travel, it’s not very often that they are playing the same game as I am.


If you are looking for a new experience, the PSP version doesn’t differ much from the console versions. If you want to take faithful version of Tekken with you, then you soon will be able to.

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