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Players who fondly remember Tecmo Bowl for the NES and Super Tecmo Bowl for the Super Nintendo will be glad to hear that Tecmo is bringing back the franchise in the form of Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff for the Nintendo DS.

Throwing long passes and escaping a near tackle has always been a feature that players loved and it’s safe to say that they both are returning with high fashion. Being able to throw 120 yards across the field to your open (or even not so open) receiver will be an attribute that will bring back long-time fans of the series.

Players can also customize their own teams with team colors, player names, city names, abilities for their players, and even their own emblems for their team. The abilities for the players will grant players to use power-ups in the game to perform feats they normally wouldn’t in other football titles. If that isn’t enough to attract hardcore football fans, they can customize their own playbook to play the way you essentially have always dreamed of on the field. That means if you want to load your playbook with all passes, then you are free to do that.

TECMO BOWL: KICKOFF Nintendo DS screenshots

A feature that didn’t feel as smooth as it could’ve been was the addition of cut-scenes. The cut-scenes occur after a pass, run, punt, field goal and others as such. The cut-scenes broke up the gameplay and took away from the entertainment value with how long they took to execute. Here’s to hoping that the cut-scenes can be turned off in the option menu.

Players wanting to beat their friends and family at a friendly game of football will be excited to hear that Tecmo has added in Wi-Fi and LAN multiplayer options. This should be an attracting feature that’ll increase the replay value of the title.

With a target release date for September, Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff should recapture the hearts of fans this fall on the Nintendo DS.


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